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We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. A strut is basically a shock absorber mounted inside a coil spring. However, Corvette Central offers rear suspension spindle rods and urethane bushings. These lower control arm rubber bushings are cracked up and ready for replacement. Remove the old strut or shock and replace it with the new one.

Separator forks such as the Lisle Stepped Ball Joint Separator are extremely useful for applying the leverage needed to wedge ball joints out of their sockets. Remove tie rod end from steering arm - may be easier said than done. Remove the top strut-to-body mounting nuts.

Remove the shock absorber and the sway bar before beginning the disassembly (I forgot -but did remove it after this picture was taken). Axle shafts are removed with an 8mm socket; rotate the axle shaft so that two bolts are removed on the inside at the top.

The rear end of the strut rod is a round bushing with a bolt going through the frame mount and the bushing. Figure 6. Uppermost boom section is resting on ground, and no pins between uppermost boom section and crane body are to be removed. When it comes time to service the bushings, there are a few choices. Corvette Central offers new upper and lower control arms with urethane bushings installed.

The forks and shock are then re-assembled with all new bushings and seals, correct oil levels, nitrogen pressures. This type of spring provides the suspension required for heavier vehicles. Remove the remaining half of the front strut rod bushing. Insert the lower control arm bolt and tighten the nut on the back side.

After the spring, I removed the tie-rod assembly. A vehicle with broken or worn coil springs can be driven, but the ride quality will be diminished, and, more importantly, the vehicle's handling will be compromised. Don't forget that a sagging rear spring can also cause a ride height change in the front of the car.

When you upgrade your suspension, don't use old bushings or ball joints. Once the bolt has been removed, and the jack lowered, the lower control arm will easily be lowered which will permit you to remove the spring. The spindle knuckle will drop down a bit, but will not be a problem with spindle control when the shock is removed from the stud.

There is a special spring compression tool made just for the front spring, but it can be done without it. Without the spring compressor you will have to remove the top and bottom ball joints from the knuckle. Suspension springs are made from coiled steel, and are commonly coated with a protective powder coating or paint to protect them from rust and deterioration.

The result was much less tension in the spring, and the lower control arm, knuckle, Suspension Disassembly and upper arm moved downward too. Raise the jack until the lower control arm is equal with the lower control arm bushing. With the control disassembled, I moved on to taking apart the steering knuckle assembly.

If all you were after was to replace the shock absorber, you can skip most of the steps above, just jack up the A-arm and remove the shock absorber. Move shock absorber arm through complete travel while filling to remove any air trapped in closed end. I need to install new ball joint boots, steering link boots, and spindle bushings.

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